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Stuart Line Striping, Seal Coating and Concrete Grinding

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Sealcoating involves attention to detail and careful site cleaning. Are you tired of seeing curbing with overspray or parking blocks where little to no attention was spent to ensure that your property has been properly masked and shielded? Let us show you how the highest quality sealer in the industry (GEM SEAL) should be applied. Preserve and extend the life of your pavement with the most affordable option SEALCOAT. We offer squeegee(broom coat application) or a spray coat using our 700 gallon Seal-Rite Rig.


Sidewalks, store front aprons, accessibility ramps, curbing and any safety corrections. Whether it is damaged surfaces that pose a tripping hazard or remodeling foot traffic patterns, we have you covered. Ask us about ROOT BLOCK material. Tired of Grinding/Replacing concrete around Oak Trees and large palms every other year? We have the solution to make one final repair that comes with a warranty!


From saw cuts for utility lines to corrections due to settlement, and grading issues or speed bumps, tables or humps. All standard corrections for pot holes or fatigue cracking. Prompt service for the smaller projects is where we shine. Do you have sunken catch basins that represent a hazard to traffic or pedestrians....yes,we fix those too!


Attention to ADA compliance and the finished product sets our services above the rest. We can apply latex or acrylic-acetone-most of our jobs will spec Sherwin-Williams, but we are happy to accommodate other project specs. Heard of high build Liquid Thermoplastic for heavy traffic lots? Just ask-we will show you the difference!