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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I seal coat my South Florida Parking Lot?

For a parking lot in South Florida (Palm Beach County, Broward, and Martin County) typically owners, facility supervisors and property managers that diligent about maximizing the life of their pavement will seal coat every 24-30 months.  For property managers an obvious benefit is that the tenants; who are more concerned with curb appeal vs pavement longevity; instantly see a drastic improvement to their business' outer appearance.  It shows that the CAMS they contribute to are being used actively.  We provide sealcoating services to many high traffic business'.  Namely quick serve restaurants, banks and fuel service stations.  We try to maximize down time and extend the sealers service life by utilizing 2 separate methods.  These are a squeegee (brush coat) coupled with a second spray coat-if the budget allows, we will do a double brush coat.  This is for HEAVY TRAFFIC pavement. 

What is the difference between a Spray sealcoating and Squeegee sealcoating?

A typical question that we receive is why does your proposal offer 2 methods with 2 prices for sealcoating?  The simple answer is that the property, budget and the intervals at which you wish to seal will dictate the options.  "I got a great bid and it's for a one coat spray application."  My answer: RUN!  Unless you are selling the property in the next 60 days and want it to look fantastic for the real estate pictures on Monday, toss the bid in the can.  South Florida pavement sees a tremendous amount of stress from the sun, leading to oxidation.  That's why your pavement turned from black to grey after only being installed 18 months ago.  A standard 2 coat spray application is great for most moderate use drive lanes.  Most HOA's that we service choose 2 sprayed coats and with our 50% overlap method per coat you will be extremely satisfied with the durability.  Broom Coat applications performed by Parking Lot Pavement literally flood the pavement with sealer with the first forward pass, which is then finished with a backward clean up pass that leaves neat brush lines.

Why does my current asphalt vendor not offer a squeegee coat application? 

This answer is simple-it requires several skilled workers that are well seasoned in the technique working in unison.  It's time intensive and must be performed correctly. 

Concrete: When do I grind tripping hazards and when do I remove and replace the sidewalk?  How much does it cost to grind concrete sidewalk joints in South Florida?

When to grind vs. when to replace: We recommend grinding if the slab is intact but has created a tripping hazard by upheaval related to equipment coming in contact through construction etc or due to the natural settlement of the sidewalk with no trees surrounding the area. In that case, we would grind it because the movement is not likely to persist. Grinding sidewalks where there are trees present gets a little tricky because you have basically put a temporary fix on a slab that will continue to heave as the tree grows. Its fixed today but what about next year? As an owner/manager you have done a correction to a known tripping hazard. Now, are you supposed to monitor that correction monthly? When in doubt-if budgeting allows, replace it!  Ask us about Root Block and how it can alleviate continual trouble in sidewalk heaving.

How much does it cost to grind a sidewalk joint? 

The simplest answer is that it depends.  The Parking Lot Pavement LLC. answer is we have to cover minimums for labor, fuel and general mobilization of equipment.  Our minimum service call charges are low and judging by what our competition charges we have no issue in stating that $250.00 gets us on your property and removing your tripping hazard their is itemized pricing that would follow for your individual situation.  All of this occurs after you and your tenants have been properly noticed and you have been furnished with our insurance acord, W9, licensing and any further documentation required on the part of your company, HOA, or risk management department.

Can you fix the curbing in our parking lot?  I wasn't happy with the results from our last repair.

How much does it cost to fix curbing in my parking lot?  We charge by the linear foot but the size of the repair or new install doesn't lend itself to a stated price.  Minimums vary depending on whether we can utilize a repair with a specialized 5500psi concrete that can be mixed on site or if a truck delivery is required.  Please email me: and I will provide you a firm quote with in 24hours if the property is in our service area.

The most important aspect of curbing is who performs the job!  Stacking and hand shaping new curbing is a specific skill, when done incorrectly by a novice it leaves unsightly results.  Masonry is not a catch-all trade-a block layer is not your solution provider.  My guys do flatwork (sidewalks, curbing, drive lanes, catch basins, ADA ramps and tie-ins), that's it!  They're great at what they do, and they do it all the time.  We provide lasting repairs - we drive dowels (pins, rebar, etc) 18" below grade in our forms down to the substrate to ensure that the curbing sections that we repair so they float independently.  This is where most curb failures occur--when the initial installation was placed directly on asphalt without a footer.